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Origin: Asia, China. condensatus 'Cabaret' - Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass. A bold accent or focal point for the garden. Miscanthus sinensis, the maiden silvergrass, is a species of flowering plant in the grass family Poaceae, native to eastern Asia throughout most of China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Copper-colored plumes appear above the foliage in early fall, age to a cream color on stems that blush pink as they mature. Miscanthus sinensis var. Its attractive grassy leaves are dark green in color with showy creamy white variegation. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden. Clemons Nursery - Specializing in Ornamental Grasses. The silver seed heads are carried on showy plumes displayed in abundance from early fall to late winter. Other Names: Japanese Silver Grass Ornamental Features. Use as a vertical among low-growing plants or have a pair flank a favorite sculpture or classical stone column. Copper-colored plumes appear above the foliage in early fall, age to a cream color on stems that blush pink as they mature. Other Names: Japanese Silver Grass. Japanese Silver Grass "Cabaret" (Miscanthus sinensis) - It flops like crazy and gets much larger than I expected.We have been very dry for the past month and need rain really bad. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Uses in landscape design: Wind resistant. Sort By: Quick view Compare Choose Options. 3–4 feet. Useful as a specimen, in the border, or for mass planting. An exceptional variegated leaf topped by vivid flower heads that are rich with orange-pink highlights. The long, ribbon-like foliage is streaked with white. Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass Growing and Maintenance Tips. P N,C 'Gracillimus' Maiden grass. condensatus 'Cabaret' (Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass) - .A wide leaf slightly arching grass that grows to 6 feet tall with cream white stripes running down the middle of the otherwise dark green 1 1/4 inch wide leaves. Rich green broad blades have conspicuous milky white stripes - a very showy ornamental grass that will assuredly add drama to the landscape. Warm Season Grasses: These grasses are much slower starting in the spring. Maiden grass, Zebra grass, Japanese silver grass. Japanese silver grass 'Adagio' Adagio Japanese silver grass. Cabaret Common Name Cultivar Flower Color Planting Location Plant Height (in) Plant Width (in) Flower Height (in) Week of 1st Bloom; Ornamental Grass, Japanese Silver Grass: Cabaret… The ornamental grasses, however, do not seem to mind at all. Japanese silver grass is an ornamental clumping grass in the genus Miscanthus.There are many cultivars of the attractive plant with most suitable for USDA plant hardiness zones 5 to 9. It forms a dramatic clump with creamy stripes down the center of … Fast growing; forms foliage clumps 6 to 7 ft. tall, 3 to 4 ft. wide. Ornamental Features. It is an herbaceous perennial grass, growing to 0.8–2 m (3–7 ft) tall, rarely 4 m (13 ft), forming dense clumps from an underground rhizome.The leaves are 18–75 cm (7–30 in) tall and 0.3–2 cm broad. Quick view Compare Choose Options. Arching, drooping leaves to 3 feet long, 1 12 inches wide, dark green with white midrib. Ornamental Features. password. logging into shop.monrovia.com. By clicking "LOGIN", you are Interesting info Miscanthus sinensis Cabaret (Chinese Silver Grass); Eulalia grass, Chinese Silvergrass, Japanese silver grass, Maiden grass, Silvergrass, Susuki grass, By using this site you agree to the use of cookies for analytics, personalised content and ads. All Rights Reserved. Foliage can be left standing all winter, however, it should be pruned early to mid-spring to make way for new growth. Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. Miscanthus sinensis var. Japanese Silver Grass (Miscanthus sinensis) are popular, clump-forming, perennial, ornamental grasses that add interest in gardens year-round. This grass features a dense clump of upward-arching stems and leaves which give it a rounded, fountain-like appearance. Foliage: Creamy-white and green bands along the length of the broad leaves. N,C 'Cabaret' Cabaret Japanese silver grass. Clump-forming grass w/ green and white variegated foliage that turns almond in fall. Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass Miscanthus sinensis 'Cabaret' Sku #6174. Varieties of Japanese Silver Grass "Cabaret" (M. sinensis var. Click here to find out more. In warm locations the copper-colored flowers appear in the fall and mature to a cream color. condensatus) is a very remarkable ornamental grass grown for its luminous, variegated foliage of arching green leaves with creamy margins and pale green midribs, which turn to golden yellow in the fall, before fading to straw-beige by winter. Growth rate: Fast. (=‘CP12511’) Also known as Japanese Silver Grass, there are many selections now available, all providing a wonderful fall display of showy plumes that remain attractive all winter. Miscanthus sinensis ‘Cabaret’ is a tall-growing grass, perfect for growing at the back of the border, where it forms a good backdrop to shorter growing grasses and perennials. N,C 'Arabesque' Arabesque Japanese silver grass. Plants should be divided, in the spring, every few years, to maintain freshness. Adding drama and powerful structure to the landscape, Miscanthus sinensis (Chinese Silver Grass) are fabulous ornamental grasses that should have a spot in any garden. Your plants are actively growing and we will only deliver them once they meet our rigorous quality standards, Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. Zones. These versatile and easy-to-grow grasses make a great garden focal point. Jul 15, 2017 - Monrovia's Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass details and information. Tall and spectacular, award-winner Chinese Silver Grass 'Cosmopolitan' (Miscanthus sinensis var. Plants should be divided, in the spring, every few years, to maintain freshness. How to grow: Grows quickly and get up to 6-10 feet tall; Perennial in zones 3-9 5–6 feet. Cabaret Maiden Grass is primarily grown for its highly ornamental fruit. Grass COSMOPOLITAN Silver $12.00 - $25.00. Miscanthus sinensis 'Cabaret' Item 6174. A real stunner singly or in pairs planted in distressed metal pots or antique urns on pedestals. condensatus 'Cabaret' (Cabaret Japanese Silver Grass) - A wide-leaved slightly-arching grass that grows to 6 feet tall with cream-white stripes running down the middle of the otherwise dark-green 1 1/4 inch wide leaves. Very gifted, these grasses are easy to grow , wonderful in winter , add elegance and movement to the landscape, are generally pest and disease free and require little maintenance . Plant Description: Japanese silver grass is a clump-forming warm season grass that typically grows in the lowlands and lower alpine areas in Japan, Korea and China.

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