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Completing certain achievements in-game will award the player with Primogems. Come to think of it, could this woman in white be a monster of the mountain woods? The woman held his hand, and together they walked toward the place where the sun pierced through the woods. "These are stories that have never been told, legends that have already been long forgotten by people." The elder would never forget to pose as if she were beating a drum, scaring all the little ones. Bubbling with questions and expectation, the determined boy made his way forward beneath the scattered shadows of bamboo leaves. Item Type: Qingce is the verdant home to many fables. He would pack his things and head for that thriving port city, while she stood silently at the boundaries of the bamboo forest. He turned and looked, and there was nothing behind him, but a single strand of hair that had come to rest on his shoulder. The setting sun gradually fell behind the mountain ridge, and the afterglow in the clear above gradually began to darken. As the boy grew older, he stopped believing the elder's silly fables. The village elder also warned that kids mustn't approach near any such procession. The woman snickered and extended her slender hand toward the boy. Lost among the green bamboo canopy, the young lad soon met an unexpected companion. They navigated the heavens above in their silver carriage, alternating with one another thrice a month. If the reign was not promptly passed from one sister to the next, a terrible disaster would occur that very day. The lad already found her particularly annoying. In a spot illuminated under the moonlight, far from the croaking frogs and chirping cicadas, new bamboo culms had just sprouted from the ground. The golden color of her eyes darkened a bit. "I see..." Said the boy, for the previous night's story had yet to leave his mind. The young lad remained silent for some time. Players can find books by exploring Teyvat. Vol. This was a story that the village elders had never told them before. His fate was to leave his home and go to Liyue Harbor, to seek the riches the Geo Archon had bestowed upon him. The lad turned to see a slender woman garbed in white. Perhaps it was a legend that even the eldest of elders had never heard before. Records of Jueyun - Palace Beneath the Sea . Completing all the achievements within a category (other than Wonders of the World) will also award the player with a namecard style that can be used on their in-game profile. The village elder had said that there were once white horses that would leap from clear springs to become adepti to assist the campaigns of the Lord of Geo. As night fell, the woman garbed in white began to recount many stories to the young lad, ancient tales that the lad had never heard before. She stood beside a clear babbling brook, with beads of water glistening on her woven rush raincoat, her golden eyes melding with the rays cast through the forest by the setting sun. Location But she merely smiled, and said nothing. Any bamboo they ensnare by them will dry up and die, and any person they ensnare will similarly grow weary and fade from existence. As dawn gently approaches, the fate of the two youngsters diverges, and they go their seperate ways. The woman raised her head and gazed at the moon though the sea of bamboo. "What happens if your soul gets snatched?" The lady garbed in white began to chuckle, squinting her eyes with a smile. Gazing upward, the silvery moonlight was scattered amidst the shadows of the bamboo forest's leaves. As day, slowly dawned, the young boy was gently awakened. Look for Posters and Billboard in Mondstadt | Genshin Impact: 2020-10-12: Legend of the Shattered Halberd Book 1 - 6 Location | Genshin Impact: 2020-10-12: A Drunkard's Tale Book 1 - 4 Location | Genshin Impact: 2020-10-12: First Look Event Elemental Crucible | Genshin Impact: 2020-10-11: Xuan Yuan Sword 7 Demo | First Look Gameplay: 2020-10-11 5: The Wind and The Star Traveler: Blow seeds off a Dandelion using Anemo. 3: The boy clearly remembered the village elder once saying that the rainy season was the proper time for the fox to take its fox wife. Genshin Impact Trophy & Achievement Guide "..." The woman turned, and with her back to the morning light, her eyes shone gold. All Volumes/Book Locations for Moonlit Bamboo Forest in Genshin Impact. Such stories were much more grand than those about foxes taking brides and monsters ensnaring people, but less riveting than the tales of the Lord of Geo driving away evil spirits. Her long, slender neck was covered in the silver light and her eyes shone gold. In the dawn's glow, the boy heard a whinnying cry that then grew distant. Deep in the bamboo forest, reality has coincided with a story from the distant past. Moonlit Bamboo Forest (II) 1,500 Moonlit Bamboo Forest (III) Rex Incognito (IV) Tales From the Waves: Receding Torrent: Records of Jueyun - Palace Beneath the Sea: Legend of the Lone Sword (IV) 3,000 Legend of the Shattered Halberd (I) Legend of the Shattered Halberd (IV) Legend of the Shattered Halberd (V) Heart's Desire - Sapphire "What's the matter?" But of course, the curious kids could only hope to someday see the great Archon that had been revered for generations with their very own eyes. Sold by Jifang at Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor Moonlit Bamboo Forest Or were the decades of peaceful living that which had already been ordained by the Archon? In the dawn's glow, the boy heard a whinnying cry that then grew distant. The game features a massive, gorgeous map, an elaborate elemental combat system, engaging storyline & characters, co-op game mode, soothing soundtrack, and much more for you to … But the crossover ends as the bright moon reaches its peak in the night sky, and small-town boy disappears into an indescribable dream. I wish to be a sail across the seas and witness the stone spears of the Lord of Geo for myself!". The bamboo forest of Mt. One of the quests available in Genshin Impact is requiring players to find all the Moonlit Bamboo Forest books. Some have no importance whatsoever and others are part of a series that will complete certain achievements. They turned left, then right, passing through undergrowth teeming with insects, clambering over slippery moss-covered stones, scaling down a gorge hidden by the shadows of the bamboo trees. The woman turned, and with her back to the morning light, her eyes shone gold. He swiftly made his way along the trail, climbing up damp crags and running down its paved mossy course. This was certainly no adeptus. Vol. Hers, then, was to hide herself away, away from the majestic, kindly gaze of that great Lord of Geo, and protect those ancient tales that even she was beginning to forget. Unbelievable..." This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), the latest open-world action RPG developed by miHoYo. Available Volume(s): (I, II, III, IV) Location: Vol (I) can be found next to Granny Ruoxin at Qingce Village. When a small-town boy looking to leave his sleepy hometown behind gets lost in a bamboo forest at sundown, what long-forgotten dreams will he encounter? So, the boy and the white-clad, golden-eyed woman were parted. At Granny Ruoxin's home in Qingce Village All Volumes/Book Locations for Moonlit Bamboo Forest in Genshin Impact. “Before the ancient immortals established the universe, there were gods that wandering across the lands. The lad grew nervous in his heart and couldn’t help but slow his pace. The young lad took her outstretched hand. "The wolf packs are children of the moons, they remember the calamities and the tragedies that ensued. Between the rustling emerald curtain of foliage, in a spot where the croak of frogs and shrills of cicadas meet, lies a corner of the forest that is withered and dry, just near the wetlands beneath the mountain crags. Nightfall seemed to always hasten its approach over the bamboo forest of Mt. Qingce a gift from the benevolent Geo Archon? There will be no rest for your soul.". Genshin Impact Book - Moonlit Bamboo Forest. The boy finally decided to stop for a rest at a dried and withering spot among the creaking bamboo of Mt. Only one of their pale corpses now remains, ever shedding its cold light...". The bamboo forest of Mt. ... "Moonlit Bamboo Forest (IV)" can be found at Wangshu Inn. "Uh, thank you..." A … He would pack his things and head for that thriving port city, while she stood silently at the boundaries of the bamboo forest. Trophy & Achievement Guide for Genshin Impact covers information that indicates a list of all the trophies and/or achievements that can be obtained in order to achieve platinum or 100% completion rate for the PS4, and PC. Moonlit Bamboo Forest. You want to know more about the lore of Genshin Impact? The answers to these questions lay outside the village, within the aging forest on the mountain. Qingce is the verdant home to many fables. Sold by Jifang at Wanwen Bookhouse in Liyue Harbor Many years later, the boy who was a boy no longer would remember that moment, and he would understand: the gap between them was as a yawning chasm. Thus said the village elder, patting the kids on their heads as she finished the story.

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