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Slow growth to 30 ft. Moist rich soil. Noteworthy Characteristics. Magnolia macrophylla, commonly called bigleaf magnolia, is noted for its huge oblong-obovate leaves (to 30 inches long) which are the largest simple leaves of any tree … Huge leaves go great with Gunnera. Magnolia ashei (M. macrophylla ssp. Magnolia kobus Kobus Magnolia . Magnolia macrophylla Bigleaf Magnolia $4.00 Magnolia tripetala Umbrella Magnolia $4.00 Magnolia virginiana Sweetbay Magnolia $4.00 Nyssa sylvatica Black Gum $3.00 $5.00 Populus deltoides … Deciduous - very … It has large, green leaves that can be up to 3' long and 1' wide. ashei) Ashe Magnolia. Magnolia grandiflora 'Bracken's Brown Beauty' Bracken's Brown Beauty Southern Magnolia. The … Throw a party when it blooms Huge ivory goblets brush stroked with red in the center. Magnolia grandiflora Southern Magnolia. Magnolia ashei, is the rarest of the big leaf magnolias, with a native distribution limited to only a few counties in the Florida Panhandle. Magnolia grandiflora 'Kay Parris' Kay Parris Southern Magnolia. Magnolia Macrophylla from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy - Information: the largest leafed magnolia of all with greyish leaves, glaucous underneath and fragrant white flowers.

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