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Within the year the country would face the death of its long reigning much loved monarch, Queen Victoria. His rise to the nomination was assisted by New York’s political bosses, who were unhappy with his gubernatorial reform efforts—particularly in regard to patronage—and sought to rid themselves of his meddlesome influence. Richard Pallardy received a B.A. Roosevelt, who did most of the campaigning, claimed the United States had a duty to civilize those lands first. Its Empire building days had stalled and the Boer War was proving a contentious issue not just at home but also abroad. Despite his reluctance to give up the governorship of New York, Theodore Roosevelt accepted the VP nomination. The first presidential election was held on the first Wednesday of January in 1789. William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan, winning 292 electoral votes to Bryan’s 155. The Most Consequential Elections in History: Ronald Reagan and the Election of 1980 Reagan gave conservatism a pleasant face and an appealing voice. Omissions? © 1996-2020 Historycentral. No one contested the election of George Washington, but he remained reluctant to run until the last minute, in part because he believed seeking the office would be dishonorable. The Election of 1824 is known as the 'Corrupt Bargain'. Campaign propaganda poster showing Republican presidential incumbent William McKinley and his vice presidential candidate, Theodore Roosevelt, 1900. The Khaki election of 1900 was really a turning point in Britain for many reasons. William McKinley defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan, winning 292 electoral votes to Bryan’s 155. For the results of the subsequent election, see United States presidential election of 1904. Republican, William McKinley defeated Democrate, Williams Bryan. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The election of 1800 was significant because another party came into power after eight years. In the end, McKinley prevailed, taking 51.7 percent of the popular vote and capturing 292 votes in the electoral college. Many Democrats thought that with the return of prosperity the Silver Standard was no longer necessary. Roosevelt's Big Stick Diplomacy. McKinley—who was renominated by the Republicans at their national convention in Philadelphia in June 1900—continued to emphasize an expansionist foreign policy, arguing that the anti-American rebellion occurring in the Philippines had to be quelled and that American dominion there had to be “supreme.” He employed typical empire-building logic in justifying continued military intervention in the Philippine archipelago, claiming that the United States had a moral and religious obligation to “civilize and Christianize” its residents. All Rights Reserved. In March 1898, two years into William McKinley’s first term as president, he gave Spain—which was in the midst of a brutal campaign of repression in Cuba—an ultimatum. Election of 1800: Significance This election indicated for the first time that modern campaigning was used to obtain votes in US history. https://www.britannica.com/event/United-States-presidential-election-of-1900, Maps of World - U.S. Presidential Election 1900, United States presidential election of 1896, United States presidential election of 1904, Presidency of the United States of America. in English from Illinois State University in 2005. The bloodiest Election Day in the history of the United States is a story many Americans have never heard. Bryan campaigned rigorously, and McKinley did not venture from the White House. What was significant about the election of 1904. Theodore Roosevelt in a campaign poster for presidential reelection in 1900. Roosevelt said, "walk softly and carry a big stick." 1900 Election Results McKinley vs Bryan. 03. of 10. …the party’s presidential candidate in 1900 but received only 96,000 votes, a total he raised to 400,000 in 1904. In the brief Spanish-American War—“a splendid little war,” in the words of Secretary of State John Hay—the United States easily defeated Spanish forces in the Philippines, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. The primary issue at the convention was who would be the vice presidential candidate. The 1800 United States presidential election was the fourth quadrennial presidential election.It was held from October 31 to December 3, 1800. 1900 Election Results McKinley vs Bryan. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? At the Democratic convention, William Jennings Bryan was nominated again as well. The platform also included a relatively tepid condemnation of efforts by Southern states to stonewall the enfranchisement of black voters established by the Fifteenth Amendment. Also actively campaigning was Roosevelt, who proved himself to be a powerful orator and formidable debater as he traveled throughout the country. His position was enhanced by the selection as his running mate of then New York governor Theodore Roosevelt, who won all but one vote on the first ballot. United States presidential election of 1900. Bryan captured 45.5 percent of the popular vote and garnered only 155 electoral votes. The issue of currency and silver was no longer relevant. Election of 1824. (Garret Hobart, vice president during McKinley’s first term, had died in office the previous year.) Test your knowledge of U.S. presidents and first ladies with this in-depth quiz. For the results of the previous election, see United States presidential election of 1896. The primary issue at the convention was who would be the vice presidential candidate.

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