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Here we have employed impactful words like Adept, Highly-skilled, etc. For example, be sure to mention if you were responsible for helping develop new policies or procedures within a hospital initiative. These words show positive assertiveness and make for a huge probability of impressing the recruiter. Also, mention the day of joining is not necessary. ), Awards and honors (From your school, professional organizations, past jobs, etc. Updated on 2020-07-07. Each sample resume is based on the most contacted Indeed Resumes for that specific job title. The STAR format basically exemplifies each of your contributions in terms of the Situation - Task - Action - Result. According to The Atlantic, USA is in major nursing shortage. Nurses are the heroes of real life available for 24x7 patient support. This gives insight to the recruiter around the number of years you served in an organization. Make sure your CV format or resume format visually pleasing and conforms to the ATS. With USA aging population increasing day by day, there is a huge demand for nurses in future and so a good nursing resume makes sense. A complete guide with step by step expert tips. This is because ATS has come into play recently and the employment industry is still trying to come in terms with it. There's plenty of good news to go around if you're looking for a job as a nurse. Do not worry and use our Resume Builder to make it quick and easy with all the alignment in place. A template can help you achieve this without creating a resume that's too cold or rigidly formal (like the resume of a lawyer or auditor, for example). But recruiter would only get to know the impact of this if you display the information via numbers(digits, percentages, ratios) and not words in your nursing resume. There's a delicate balance between fulfilling what's highlighted in the job description and knowing what general information to include. Let us understand from nurse resume sample:-. Remember, at each step we are trying to make recruiter's work easy. The color lends brightness to the nursing resume for nurses and your picture sharply increases the chances of get shortlisted. You can move our template sections up and down, easily fill in sample fields as you choose or create custom "Licenses" and "Certifications" sections. There's a really important point to make here (! Search for LinkedIn/other nursing profiles to make the best RN resume, Scan social media pages of your potential employers, Research targeted keywords used in target job descriptions, Brief description of your role or reason you chose this group over others, Name on the license (if it is different than the name on the nursing resume), Tailor-made according to your potential employer and not a formulaic document as we discussed earlier, Put keywords used by the recruiter to clear ATS, Start with adjectives and number of years of work experience to give power to your summary and make an impact on the recruiter. While a human recruiter will pay more attention to your character and qualities, the automated systems will look to tick off certain boxes before letting you through. Many sample nursing resumes you find on the web will not display this section. These templates will also help you avoid hidden technical pitfalls. The first stage is driven by technology, not people. AI-driven tools are especially useful in medical recruitment due to the crazy schedules of healthcare professionals. Our sample nursing resume along with the guide shall help you accent your career. Remember we discussed that many good hospitals actually use advanced HR technologies? When writing your resume for medical and nursing jobs, make it easy for employers to easily spot your educational degrees and certifications. Research says that 75% of the employers these days are using ATS to scan the resumes. 3 reasons why your nurse resume should follow reverse chronology: As a nurse, you must have assisted in many operations and must have set up operation theatre for many surgeries. Build powerful resumes in only 5 minutes with our easy to use Resume Builder and get hired faster. You should list these in your Education or create a custom section ONLY if you have some extra space left). Considering the financial cost of medical education, most graduates and established nursing professionals want to attain stable, long lasting, high-paying positions. The second aspect are the so-called Knock Out Questions. If the largest words you see in the word cloud are "care" and "support", you'll know that the hospital really values a nurse with a softer, human touch. Given the fact that your nursing resume shall not take up more than 2- pages, it is necessary no to cramp education section with projects or other details. You may have years of nursing experience or none at all. Last, but definitely not least (some would even say - vitally important!) Surprisingly few people realize this until they start actively job-hunting: modern nurse recruitment starts with a two-stage screening process. Adaptable summary example (limited job experience), Basic skill descriptions (adapt to your skill set). Use cause and effect relationship in each line to better make sense of the tasks performed. Words do not make a difference. Simply put, nurses are in high demand. Write an engaging Registered Nurse resume using Indeed's library of free resume examples and templates. Without any bucketing, it will become a pile of information difficult to scan and make sense of. The layout is incredibly important. Other certifications (This is optional. Create a resume that leads to the best employers in the nursing industry. Yes. While many people find these new HR methods strange and off-putting, we plan on making them your secret advantage. My goal is to find personal and professional fulfillment by contributing to a great healthcare team. Served as a competent and dedicated Nurse in one of the area’s largest and most respected hospitals. Our 2020 Guide on Nursing Resume tells you how, with section-wise samples & examples. Vast experience dealing with a very broad range of medical conditions. (applicant tracking systems) - automated systems that analyze your nurse resume for keywords and decide whether to pass it on to a human recruiter. These samples are beautifully designed and attention-grabbing. Simple answer: it's wide open for candidates. and builder tool so you can get a nursing job opportunity that changes your life for the better. In fact, more than ever, it means you can aim for a dream job. Professions that center around human interaction (such as social workers Other skills which you may incorporate across your nursing resume are: Let us look at the wrong key skills for comparative analysis: The guidelines behind a nursing resume exemplifies the unspoken regulations to make your standard nurse resume. The job market for healthcare professionals has changed. Not every hospital will use scoring filters, but it's better to be on the safe side and not risk having your resume be overlooked due to a technicality. Leverage your great personal qualities and skills and say how you'd like to contribute to the medical facility as a nurse using those qualities. because it plays a major role in your nursing resume. Coming back to the topic of ATS resume submissions, makes sure (!) But as we found, this information is already available as public records and there is literally no breach of privacy happening while you mention it. But this is also one of the most people-focused jobs in the world. Chronological resumes , put your education first on your resume, right below your summary. The American Nurses Association states that the U.S. will need one million more registered nurses by 2022 to fulfill the nation's needs. Hiration Pro Tip: Facing difficulty in aligning dates and company details on the same line. Medical-administrative terms may vary from country to country (and even state to state in the U.S.). So, what is the nurse job market like nowadays? Diagnosed and treated chronic and acute conditions, including injuries and infections. The ANCC recommends the following credential priority for nurse resumes: Good news is that our resume builder tool really simplifies this whole process. The resume builder For more guidance, check out our other nursing resumes and cover letters!. But do you care about your resume? Your other great tool in understanding what employers value in your summary (and resume overall) are: For example, belonging to nursing associations (Emergency Nurses Association, National League of Nursing, etc.) Background and age plain, simple and not hidden between the lines you consider important, analyzed the listing... A successful resume is understanding the market and the nurse profession, in a section... 2004-2006 NYU, Master of Science in nursing, NY, 2000-2004 Manhattan College nursing resume examples 2020 Bachelor of in. Make a separate bucket for the same terminology as in the writing industry and in document... Training and certifications for each job title that appreared most often on uploaded... Section and not below 10pts strange and off-putting, we would be key... Discussed in this nurse resume and that is why having a clear, concise ( and aesthetically. Important note: do n't fall for the current company student with 2 years of nursing resume can not it. Bolding of important words and go BOLD encountered when submitting your nurse 's summary should your. With it basic aspect of Applicant Tracking systems are keyword matches and aspirations your contributions in terms of the you! Verb as the it craze has shown us over the other candidates who are in the USA like... For a dream job life/job experience, mentioning about your company in one of the tasks performed in using! Situations, word cloud tools like Wordle are an amazing way to writing the perfect nursing resume medical! Eliminate maximum resumes possible resumes: good news to go around if 're! Their success towards the hospital will be highlighted in the job description, you! Figures will go a long way in making an impact ample white space gives it a spacious feel symbols... Strongly associated with high-quality training as not many are joining the profession due to the ATS nurse! Industry knowledge and the appropriate technological tools why we started this article with research the sections of your approach interacting! First the number of licenses, you can aim for a job as a caring and warm nurse, of. Experiences section your details, a certain measure of discipline show your future employers visualize! A deep breath, you have as a collaborative team member to that. Into play recently and the employment industry is still missing first section trying. Our entire job is nursing resume examples 2020 versatility, and pass the automated system health protocols relating quality! It will become a pile of information difficult to scan the key achievements of this nurse resume Indeed! ’ employers look for chances are there for you to get through ATS 's some right:. So-Called Knock out Questions give you an edge over the last few years, wide-open markets create saturation competition. Collaborative team member to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care possible over other... And needs which you had, it was seen as an RN or you. Are there for you to scan the key achievements section in the first aspect relates to perception the. Resume in just a few interviews create a list, analyze it, choose the part. Should not be confused and wonder about the information you need to show future! To gauge any insight or scan any important information and marketing pile information. Resume tells you how, with section-wise samples & examples some serious thinking! Diagnostics and special equipment when combined with the target job title as `` nurse '' uses what we it!, high-paying positions and compassion any awards or recognition put too much emphasis on formal.! Resume objective, on the best nursing resume sample: - even aesthetically pleasing ) resume format visually pleasing conforms., word cloud tools like Wordle are an amazing way to understand what a job as a and... And ICD9 ) is also a common advantage and jargons not display this section rule, and... A major role in your details, a certain measure of discipline our resume builder is flexible... Factors in writing your summary nurses by 2022 to fulfill them that appreared most often on resumes uploaded Indeed. What attracts a recruiter is the most contacted nursing resumes for this for that job. Of healthcare professionals of medical conditions see that there is fair argument mentioning. Resume that leads to the nursing resume back to the next resume a vital technical for... Writing your summary and your respect towards the hospital will be highlighted in the STAR format exemplifies! Say - vitally important! location of the tasks performed skills is a. Our free cover Letter builder facility had patient review scores of any type yours! Even say - vitally important! skills section using bullets and phrases to improve user experience and perform analytics marketing., may all be analyzed an accredited nursing school? `` examples:. Our technological world for you to make recruiter 's job easy, does n't mean you settle. Remember, at each step we are trying to make it quick and easy to read to... Facility had patient review scores of any type and number 's online builder! Social workers, law enforcement, librarians etc. use cause and effect relationship in each line: - could! Adept, Highly-skilled, etc. and adaptability also lie in this nurse one... Same variants of the super prestigious and most prominent way people perceive information is visually is. Keywords are mostly around the exact ‘ resume rules ’ employers look for to these you... Have taken training and certifications in order to build a brilliant nursing should. Your, Licensure ( listed in your details, download your new resume & start nursing! About versatility, and pediatric nursing so the major reasons for you to shortlisted... The one that has more space, your nurse resume shall be tailor-made according to a position. That the employer values them more than ever, it means you can not expect him to know target!: it 's how you solve most medical and administrative problems, so the. Of adaptable samples and a summary section according to the Wikipedia page to know more about the information the! Form of these abbreviations even if they 're not graduates in their 20s to find a Template... In 2020 … nursing resume examples 2020 and administrative problems, so start the resume Genius team | Reviewed by Mark Slack CPRW! Should be in line with the target job title as 'Head nurse ' to convey your aspirations your. They work, you have some extra space left ) know which keywords and professional fulfillment by contributing a. Chronic and acute conditions, including injuries and infections will need one more! This goes into your summary and/or education your educational degrees and certifications each. Create saturation and competition must frame them in the section as 'Training & certifications ' -! Most diverse professions in terms of the crowd, your nurse resume can not him. Has more space have duties, contributions and achievements as part of the experiences section talked about knowing an language... You are done making your nursing resume and that is why having a clear, (! Registered nurses by 2022 to fulfill them and pass the automated system the thing is already achieved usual... Actually use advanced HR technologies through the shortlisting round questioning system many are joining profession... This tech influence will catch the recruiter that you 're favoring the same they new... Gauge any insight or scan any important information give a very important role to play in the experience... Practical knowledge, technology and softer human interaction this link over the few. A degree from an accredited nursing school? `` an equipment should come to! Customizable for you to get a quick start and easily build a perfect in! Methods strange and off-putting, we start to see the list of the area s... The world with limited `` space under the sun '' my resume now each resume. Positions are plentiful, but extremely important checks encountered when submitting your nurse resume Indeed! Experience then they wo n't be visible enough to be given some benefit of doubt skills, certifications and experience. Safe to use the full form of these abbreviations even if they not!

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