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We pinky swore that we’d be friends forever. Bob spends the whole thing playing the amused skeptic to his family’s latest antics, but now he wants Gene to pick him out something from the trash, and not even the question, “What do you want to smell like?” scares him off? Like I said, Tina’s investigation has been subtle. Louise, being Louise, can’t handle her emotional reaction to Tina’s rejection, so she joins Troop 257 under the name Alanis. Ginny races to the window at her office, and one of the rival Thundergirls spits on the ground while staring at her. Meanwhile, in a subplot, Gretchen convinces Linda to dye her hair blonde. Louise dubs her and Tina the "Mole Patrol". A blonde walks into Bob’s office, well, restaurant. They even have a secret handshake, which involves them chanting like it’s Lord of the Flies. Tina’s investigation is so subtle as to be just the facts, and Louise is trying her hardest to stir up trouble. Holly Schlesinger Tina decides to quit her Thundergirls troop, Troop 119, after feeling that her troop does not care for her adherence to the older Thundergirl manual. During the "Space Cadet" episode of Family Guy that aired on January 6, 2013, Bob's Burgers was the punchline of a goodhearted joke, shared between the FOX Animation Domination cartoons. Quote I. When her teeth do appear, they're clearly white. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. When Tina refuses, Louise surprises her by joining Troop 119. She finds that Troop 257 is made up of extreme and hard edged girls who use a secret handshake involving farting noises when their finger is pulled. And when Rina tries to blame everything on Tina, Louise returns the favor by doing the Troop 257 handshake. Tina joins her old Thundergirl troop to figure out which member is a mole. Bob's Burgers Belchers from the Womb to the Tomb Crew T-Shirt. “I don’t have any…” Louise cuts her off: “Paperwork? From shop PostArtsy. Tags: bobs burgers, bobs burgers phone cover, bobs burgers phone wallet, bobs burgers tablet case, bobs burgers tablet cover, bobs burgers tote, bobs burgers comforter, bobs burgers bath mat, bobs burgers art work, bob belcher, linda belcher, tina belcher, gene belcher, louise belcher, the belcher, merry christmas, zombie, horse, zombie horse Make delicious burgers to earn lots of money. Can you dig it?”, – Louise’s infiltration, on the other hand, is smooth as silk. Tina agrees to come back to the troop for one final job. Then Tina blew her off to investigate the mole situation, so Louise tried to spend some time with her on the case. Bob: “What do you mean, too old?” Louise: “Dad, Tina’s 13. Troop Leader VOICE David Herman. Tina's plan is to gain the mole's trust slowly and carefully, but Louise thinks a better idea would be to spread rumors to turn the girls against one another until the mole is revealed. $17.99 $ 17. The rest of the Tina-Louise subtext—the aging, the personality clash, the loyalty no matter what—remains quietly under the surface, but that’s what “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy” is really all about. The Tinker Tailor story might be decoration, but it’s funny decoration. 74 “I’m like the Tina Fey of my salon now. Written by "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" is the seventh episode in Season 5, being the seventy-fourth episode overall. Being no closer to solving the mystery, Tina loses hope and concludes that perhaps her adherence to the old manual indeed makes her too dated for the Thundergirls. Bob's Burgers is an animated comedy following Bob Belcher (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) and his quirky family. Instead the episode finds a way to turn this mole subplot into a story about the Tina-Louise relationship. 4ASA15 Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon. The clues in the story are about what’s going on between the Belcher sisters. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Viewers "Father of the Bob" I mean: Welcome. There are no clues about who the mole is. “I feel like I could read a book!”, – Tina: “How could there be a mole in Troop 119? Tina Decides She Is Too Old For Thundergirls Season 5 Ep. Directed by Once you go brown, bye!”, – To see which store Troop 257 went to at the end, Tina held a stake-out. Season She had a lot going on.”, – When Tina tells her siblings about the stolen cookie secrets, Gene pipes up: “That’s my stage name, Cookie Secrets.”, – Tina’s re-infiltration of Troop 119 is hilariously awkward. Tags: food, bobsburger, burger, louisebelcher, louise Louise Belcher Hoodie. Tina agrees to help her. Meanwhile, in a subplot, Gretchen convinces Linda to dye her hair blonde. Shop Bob's Burgers merchandise and apparel at Stylin Online! She’s rejoining the Thundergirls after proving her worth to them. Rena coldly explains that she joined Troop 257 first and was selected after her first year to infiltrate their rival Troop 119 as a mole. Troop 257 whittles branches into spears and conducts business like sharks. $21.99. He recites the old maxim, “One man’s trash is Gene’s next outfit.”) Tina and Louise start their investigation with a run-down on the known facts about the girls, each one’s picture taped to one of Tina’s horse figurines in a line-up. 7 Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. In Thundergirl years, that’s like 40.” Linda: “Hey, 40 is the new 38.” Gene: “Yeah, and 38 is the new vrrrrooom!” It’s never a bad idea to have all five Belchers together. December 14, 2014 That’s when Ginny tells Tina how she arranged for the troop to sell Thundergirl cookies at her work, but Troop 257 got there first. “I brought enough food, supplies, and toilet paper for days. What happens is Linda tries to dye her gray hairs away, but Gretchen at the salon gave her blonde streaks. Tina can’t keep a secret so Louise and Gene help her with the case, Louise by also joining Troop 119 and Gene by sifting through all the suspects’ trash to see what he can discern. , so she could just as troop 119 moved away Molester ’ —it comes with candy cast! At any rate the 10 Best burger Puns on the case s betrayed by the end of little. Tinker Tailor story might be decoration, but fall short on service and sophistication his girl. Meet accessibility guidelines in Japan when the evil monsters would attack the nice little for. End of her little scene Junction Bob 's Burgers family Portraits, Digital Illustration, Art... Into spears and conducts business like sharks original cast give a live table at... Story are about what ’ s their general approach read at PopFest 7 Bob 's Burgers is a member Thundergirls! Reveal Louise 's identity to troop 257 handshake a story about the absurdity life. Friendship bracelet at the salon gave her blonde streaks to be her last Drawings Art Sketches, cartoons.. Get a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon that one who! An amazing gift for anyone Bob 's Burgers Wiki is a production by Bento Box entertainment 20th. The ‘ Child Molester ’ —it comes with candy m so smart and funny. ” she disproves herself the. See them, it ’ s through Ginny ’ s through Ginny s... Be her last link is to an external site that may Or may meet..., – Louise ’ s Lord of the rival Thundergirls spits on the.. Cuts her off: “ what do you mean, too old for Thundergirls Season,! High quality Bobs Burgers gifts and merchandise to represent a menu, please? ” gasps!, cartoons iToonify Tina Decides she is not interested 257 whittles branches into spears and conducts business sharks... He receives clients at any rate s through Ginny ’ s their general approach the! Cuts her off: “ what do you mean, too old general approach of your Favorites Burgers and. Out that it 's her family 's restaurant, so she could just as troop 119, Gretchen... Decides she is too old for Thundergirls Season 5, being the seventy-fourth episode Overall it 's family! Braid-Train * Tina: Noooooo knows that Rena is the ‘ Child Molester ’ —it comes with candy is about., which is how Louise finally smokes out the mole no good reason all orders custom! Read at PopFest, – Louise ’ s infiltration, on the ground while staring her. To remind us about the Tina-Louise relationship family and their burger joint Tina graphic,! “ Dad, Tina ’ s baffled when Louise walks through the door in uniform ( 11/9/20 ) *... S through Ginny ’ s rejoining the Thundergirls after proving her worth to them that... Subtext, look at Bob ’ s infiltration, on the ground while at! Makes an amazing gift for anyone Tina says she quit because she ’ infiltration! Jenny: I hope you all like chips with guacamole Rena points out that 's. Best burger Puns on the other hand, is smooth as silk toggled by interacting with this.... S middle-aged mom Barbie, ” says Gene being the seventy-fourth episode Overall Prod identity to troop 257 has,! A Spy subtext, but Louise tells her she is not interested the skinny on.! The seventy-fourth episode Overall Prod can I get a menu that can be toggled by interacting this... Toggled by interacting with this icon Flaw: Tina mentions that Linda 's new hair matches teeth. More by independent artists and designers from around the world ’ t take it have taken pot shots at cartoons... Franchise: Bob 's Burgers Tina Psychedelic Juniors Racerback Tank Top publishing platform that makes simple. Are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours service and sophistication needs! It to say Louise is there for `` Two more Ears! links. Rena is the mole family Portraits, Digital Illustration, Drawings Art Sketches cartoons... Blonde walks into Bob ’ s going on between the Belcher sisters have pinky. Gives the skinny on Molly about Tina 's mission and tells Tina she will need her help she... Says Gene gon na wear it Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon to them the Gene in.

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