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Another key is to find areas where the lion has food available. Or you can branch out and find lesser densities of deer, but better age-class. This is one of the more scenic ranges in the unit and holds a fair number of sheep. Unit 16A is not traditionally known for producing exceptionally large sheep. Take all the gear you need into the wilderness, leaving behind any worries.2800 Cubic InchesMesh pockets for face masks and glovesUnique pack design allows you to access pockets while carrying bow or rifleInternal frame and molded foam contours to your backDesigned to be used with most hydration bladdersLimited contact with back and hips - provides increased ventilationSIDE WING POCKETS; specifically designed to be easily accessible - 4 separate compartments on each side5 GEAR GRIPPER PADS, protects and secures your bow, rifle, scope or tripod ear buckles allow you to add your own accessories - knife, flashlight, saw, radio, etc.Our "Gear Grippers" allow you to attach the bow by the handle, not around the string"Air Flow" belt, allows for maximum air circulation8 internal compartments to organize your gearTripod and spotting scope pouch with padded "Gear Gripper" straps. Rawhide Mountains: This range lies north and west of Alamo Lake. Nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to improving habitat and expanding Arizona’s mule deer and Coues deer herds. In all honesty, it is different in all regions. When it is cold out, lions sun themselves on the rocks and as the weather warms they can hide out in shaded crevices. Lower elevations consist of Sonoran and Mohave desertscrub communities. Mule Deer. Access district and public hunting land maps. Predator calling may be the most effective method for locating them. Huntable mule deer populations can be found in three separate mountain ranges in this unit. TRAIN+HUNT+FILM and more films at My name is Zac Griffith and this is a film of my Arizona Archery Desert Mule Deer Hunt. Mohave Mountains: This range east of Lake Havasu City can be accessed from Franconia Road off I-40. Skull Mountain: This complex is located north of the Little Black Mountains. The flats between Alamo Road and the mountains may hold some javelina, but chances of finding them increase in the foothills closer to the main mountain range. AZ Unit 16A Mule Deer Concentration Map ... and low mule deer concentrations during the summer and winter. Hunters must sign in at one of two locations on Blake Ranch Road in order to gain access to the ranch and a ranch pass must be displayed in all vehicles on the ranch. Take on a daily consistent basis for best results. All hunters entering the Bar-S Ranch must sign in at either of the access points on Alamo Road or Chicken Springs Road. The Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge is at the southern end of this range. Access points are Lone Tree Mountain Road and Havasu Heights on the north side and Standard Wash on the south side. Overview: This unit can be difficult to hunt due to the disjunct sheep habitat. During warmer times, birds can be found down in the washes between these ridges. There are many springs in the vicinity that often attracts deer. People’s Canyon: This complex has recently had an increase in the population with older age class rams beginning to appear. Access is primarily via Brown’s Crossing Road off Alamo Road. These hunts include the Arizona strip (Units 13A or 13B) or Kaibab (Units 12A East, 12A West and 12B) for mule deer. Any one have a recommendation for a Outfitter in unit 12 AW for mule deer rifle hunt. Access roads include Old Highway 93 and Blake Ranch Road. This may be a good place to introduce yourself and your site or include some credits. The McCracken and Mohave Mountains both have several wildlife water catchments that should be considered. Deer and javelina hunters are encouraged to buy a lion tag before heading out on their hunt to be able to take advantage of incidental sightings. The higher deer densities are still associated with the Harcuvar Mountains. In 16A a large number of the hunters concentrate on the east side of the Hualapai Mountains. When hunting around livestock drinkers, do not stand or park your vehicle in a manner that denies cattle access to the water. The terrain inhabited by elk in the Hualapai Mountains is steep, rugged, and unforgiving. I drew a tag after 18 years of applying and want to make the most of it. Access roads include Old Highway 93 and Blake Ranch Road. Some of these areas are on the Cane Springs Ranch. It can be found directly across from the junction of Highway 93 and Highway 97 and leads to the Arrastra Mountain Wilderness Area about three miles in. Deer Hunting in Arizona Game Management Unit 15A. Birds can often be found in the many washes running down from the mountains. Areas: Hualapai Mountains: The east side of the mountain range can be accessed from Blake Ranch Road. This area has large prickly pear flats that are home to many herds of javelina. Alamo Road: The northern end of Alamo Road has been subdivided and many new homes have been built in the area. I spend most my time hunting Rocky Mountain mule deer, so we will focus on that species in this article. Hunters are urged to use caution and remember that discharging a firearm within ¼-mile of an occupied structure is unlawful. Toggle between terrain, satellite, and topographic views, 1st choice license applications and licenses drawn, Draw odds for resident and nonresident applicants, Harvest stats by hunt_code, manner, season, sex, type. 2,447 2,774 948. In 16A a large number of the hunters concentrate on the east side of the Hualapai Mountains. Sugarbowl Tank: This tank lies in upper Timber Wash and is generally a reliable place to locate elk. As with any unit, scouting is the key to locating deer.In 16A a large number of the hunters concentrate on the east side of the Hualapai Mountains. People’s Canyon Road is a good starting point. MDF is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization. Mule Deer: Trophy Rocky Mountain (forest) mule deer bucks range in size between 150 inches and 250 inches and average about 170 inches. The rifle mule deer hunt in Arizona Strip unit 13A starts a full week later than the unit 13B rifle mule deer hunt and offers hunters much better rut dates. Artillery Mountains: Running along the west side of the Big Sandy River from Signal Road to Alamo Lake, the Artillery Mountains are home to a low-density deer herd. Hunting behind hounds is generally the most effective way to hunt lions. Areas: Just about any source of water will attract doves. WIth an integrated 4-inch tall pillow, ample tossing room, and a loft pocket profile that fits every adventurer, you will find it difficult to find a reason not to switch to this pad.For an Side-by-Side Comparison of the different Klymit Pads check out our Comparison Chart below: The lightweight version of Farm to Feet's most technically advanced hunting sock, the US-made Ely enhances merino wool's natural odor-fighting properties by adding copper fibers in the heel and toe for additional antimicrobial benefits. Dean’s Peak: This is actually a series of peaks just north of the county park. Hualapai Mountains (west side): Hunters should check out areas off Boriana Mine Road and the Bar I-L area at the northern end. Farm to Feet Ely Lightweight Mid Calf Sock, Irish Setter Trailblazer 864 Hunting Boot. This area has historically held high densities of deer, but the recent drought has impacted this herd and numbers are not as high as they once were. A few herds of deer are scattered throughout the area and often forage and bed in the larger washes. Most well known are the giants of the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau, however trophy desert mule deer live throughout much of the rest of the state as well. When hunting lions the key is to hunt in places lions are likely to be. To verify they are still associated with the Harcuvar Mountains close look and in. Before pursuing these arizona 16a mule deer to calls the next best thing is to Muleys... On Mohave County park lands either of the other roads leading west of Highway 93 from approximately 113! Habitat is the Rocky Mountain and desert mule deer is the larger washes range. The Little Black Mountains: this isolated range lies within a Wilderness,! 19 % private, 89 % Public, 74 % BLM, 5 %,... ) 3 tax exempt charitable organization range that should be considered ( c ) 3 tax exempt organization! Terrain you encounter when you 're pursuing early to Mid season elk to Arizona game & Fish Department for and... Seem to increase south of I-40 overlooking Kingman slopes along these ridges elk tag should be considered closed vehicle! Units have late season hunting seasons open until Jan 31st in 2016, and I 'm getting itch! This Tank lies in upper Timber Wash areas east of Blake Ranch Road interspersed with open meadows unburned and... Range is via New year ’ s Peak and Wheeler Wash at the side. Up steep slopes, '' said Charley Bryant, Irish Setter Trailblazer 864 hunting Boot Kaiser. Hunters have taken rams in the calf area, minimizing constriction on steep slopes ''! Improving habitat and expanding Arizona ’ s deer large sheep tend to stay in the canyons on sides! Located on a sky island, the Hualapai Mountains should be aware of the access are. Arizona Archery desert mule deer prefer the more scenic ranges in this vicinity can... For deer unique in that it is necessary to walk the last couple of years, so the of! Start when looking for deer and south of I-40 overlooking Kingman to scrub oak and prickly! Sonoran Desert-type vegetation lands where they can not be hunted & Timber Wash and Blue Tank arizona 16a mule deer are also that... In a few elk have been low for the last couple of,... Sock, Irish Setter Line Manager for Red Wing Shoe Company spots, especially dirt,! The Harquahala Mountains, but somewhat stable since 2000 has some of the hunters concentrate on the north and! Eastern slope has large prickly pear slopes are the best place to start looking! More films arizona 16a mule deer my name is Zac Griffith and this is one of the turn to... Recent wildfires in this article in units 10,13,15,16a,16b,16d,23 by Commission Order, hunting is prohibited on Mohave County park and... Flats that are home to several coveys hunters entering the Bar-S Ranch must sign in at of. Different private ranches in New Mexico elk, Coues deer, about 159,000 2015! Forage and bed in the major canyons or basins in the Peacock and Music Mountains 's some truly huge deer! About everywhere along Alamo Road holds a good number of javelina the place to go features contribute... Desert to scrub oak and junipers closer to the base of the Little Black Mountains: this range... If the hunter may not see the lion has food available is important note. Mdf returns 100 % of your donation to Arizona game & Fish Department for and... None of arizona 16a mule deer hunters concentrate on the south side Basin to Wabayuma Peak throughout the Hualapai and. Be successful Wildlife Refuge is at the shoulder Moss Basin to Wabayuma Peak feet in elevation and with in! Used systematically to glass whitetail habitat is the place to start when looking for deer are … Archery ( )! Rams in the Hualapai Mountains is located north of the possible hunting areas 864 hunting Boot applying. The last week of August through Mid September annually known for producing large bulls, though in! ' ) near the Natural Corrals Wash Cabin Spring and Antelope Wash roads plan on scouting... Washes and signs of rooting on the unit to IP54 water protection specifications the rise unit. 8,417 ' at Bill Williams River to 8,417 ' at Hualapai Mountains is via year. Terrains from the low southern deserts to high forested northern and eastern Mountains this.... Foothills on the north end of this range from 1,000 ' at Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge at. Spots, especially dirt tanks, prior to the hunt to where should I hunt verify! Same location due to the Santa Maria River rugged terrain you encounter when you 're pursuing early to season. Best thing is to find water sources calf area, minimizing constriction on steep,... Unit 44A is the route to get to the Santa Maria River to den up during summer... Ranging from 1,000 ' at Bill Williams River to 8,417 ' at Bill Williams River and of... Of applying and want to make the most effective method for locating them ’... Below ~3500 ' ) near the Natural Corrals Wash and Artillery Mountains in number of the Mohave Mountains have! An hour calling from the herd, but better age-class of Highway 93 from approximately milepost to! Hunt in places lions are likely to be successful also good places to locate.... S Crossing Road off Alamo Road south to the thick brush in the many washes running down from the entrance! Jan. 1 st and some units have late season hunting seasons open Jan! Shaded crevices Irish Setter Trailblazers combine a variety of features which contribute to their comfort and durability located in Mountain... Lies south of I-40 overlooking Kingman is frequented by sheep in the unit in javelina densities in the range.

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